Support Your Masjid

Assalamu Alaykum

This is an appeal to everyone that benefits from the presence of Masjid AlSalam and its services, to step forward and engage positively in efforts to maintain and preserve it.  Your help is essential and critical!

Here are some facts and figures to explain the current situation:

Monthly Operating Expenses: $40,000

This includes:

1. Utilities – Water, Electricity, Phone, Internet
2. Dawah activities
3. Salaries
4. Youth activities
5. Friday Night activities
6. Guest Speakers and Khateebs
7. Supplies
8. Sanitation
9. Repair and Maintenance
10. Insurance
11. Admin & General Expenses
12. Security

Monthly Collections: $16,000

This includes money collected from:

  1. Monthly check-o-matic (recurring) deposits from about 131 people.  We can do better, especially given that:
    • We have about 1100 registered ISGH members in the zip codes serviced by this masjid
    • We have about 5,000 Muslims that reside in the zip codes serviced by this masjid
  2. Donation by musalleen after Friday (Jummah) prayers


We have a monthly shortfall.  To support the masjid and the services it provides to you, PLEASE:

  • Sign up for MONTHLY donations for any amount you can afford.
  • Visit to setup monthly donations.

Jazak Allah Khairun.