Imams Corner

Dr. Shaykh Mamdouh Moustafa Mahmoud is the resident scholar at Masjid AlSalam.  Shaykh Mamdouh joined the Masjid AlSalam community as our resident imam and scholar in March 2017.  He received his PhD from the Islamic University of North America in September 2022.  He focuses on directing all educational and religious activities that occur at our masjid.  He is also available for community members seeking advice on matters of fiqh, counseling, and other related questions.  Please make an appointment with him using the calendar shown below, or email him at [email protected] if you need his advice or have questions for him.


Shaykh Mamdouh is supported by the second imam of our masjid, Imam Mohammed Farooqui.  Imam Farooqui leads the regular prayers as well as Taraweeh prayers in conjunction with Shaikh Mamdouh.