Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to the qualified people in our community is our sacred duty that we all must feel responsible for.  The Masjid has several programs that are in place just for that purpose, and a dedicated team of volunteers to manage these programs.  Please take a look at the various programs listed below and participate in as many of these as possible, either financially, or with your time.

If you have any questions and the primary contact person for a program has not responded to your email, please email [email protected] and we will follow up on your behalf.

Financial assistance through Zakat or Sadaqa is available for eligible persons-households that meet specified conditions and are able to provide required supporting documentation.
The applicants are required to reside within the following zip codes, allocated by ISGH to Masjid Al Salam: 77068, 77069, 77070, 77355, 77356, 77362, 77363, 77375, 77377, 77379, and 77388.

How to Apply:

1. Please download the PDF copy of the application using the links shown below.
2. Fill out the application and gather all the required supporting documents mentioned below.
3. Bring the application and the supporting document to the Masjid Administrator during his normal working hours and he will forward those documents to the Zakat committee for processing. OR, scan the application form and the supporting documents into PDF and email directly to the Zakat committee at : [email protected]

Upon approval by the Committee, applicants will be notified and assistance request will be forwarded to the ISGH main office for processing payment.

The Zakah application can be opened and printed from here.
The Sadaqh application can be opened and printed from here.

Supporting Documents:

Please provide as many of the following documents as you can when you submit the application:
  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • One Month's pay stubs
  • Most recent income tax return
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Rent Receipt
  • Any bills, eviction notices, etc.


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated volunteers providing financial assistance to members of the community. We step in when an individual or family requires more assistance than zakat or sadaqah can provide.

What we do:

We collect money and distribute it to qualified individuals. We conduct interviews in conjunction with the other financial teams of Masjid Al Salam and provide assistance as needed. We assist with rent, utilities, car payments, etc.

How you can help:

Become A Monthly Donor-

The main idea behind the Save A Dime Program is to save a dime ($0.10) a day, by the end of the month you would have save $3. If every person did that and then donated it, there would always be enough funds to support any needed person who came to us.

Give Us Your Change-

Pick up one of the Save-A-Dime coin jars and fill it with your change and return it to us at the masjid.
You can also write us a check. If using a check, please make it payable to ISGH, and in the memo field please mention Save-A-Dime.

Contact information:

To Apply for Save a Dime Assistance

Please print and fill out this form and email it to the email mentioned above.
The intent of this program is to quickly benefit families in our community without overburdening them with Interest.

Please fill out the form below to apply for this program, but please keep the following terms and conditions in mind:

Terms and conditions:
1- The applicants are required to reside within the following zip codes, allocated by ISGH to Masjid Al Salam: 77068, 77069, 77070, 77355, 77356, 77362, 77363, 77375, 77377, 77379, and 77388.
2- We usually loan around $1000.00 to $2000 to our community members as per the following terms and conditions:
3- The loan must be repaid back in a 10-month term at a $100.00 to $200 a month
4- We also require a cosigner in the event the borrower cannot pay
5- The Co-Signer will be required to fulfill his obligation on the loan. The Co-Signer Must be somebody who we know at our Masjid
6- The Co-Signer & Borrower Must be employed
7- If the borrower is unable to pay, then the Co-Signer must start making payments. This is a very STRICT REQUIREMENT and payments must be made on time.

There are many assistance programs offered by Federal, State, or Local governmental agencies that are good to be aware of so these can be utilized when needed.

Please visit and learn about the details of each from the links shown below: