Sports Field

T he Sports Field located at the back of the Masjid AlSalam facility is designed for the enjoyment of our community and to promote healthy outdoor activities for our youth and our families.  The grounds were inaugurated in a ceremony hold on Friday, September 16, 2022 - the following links capture some moments from that day.

Please refer to the information given below for the guidelines that must be followed by everyone that utilizes the field.


The Waiver Form shown below must be read and accepted by any teams or groups that wish to hold games at the Masjid AlSalam sports field.  The terms and conditions listed in the waiver form also apply to casual users of the field.

Masjid AlSalam Sports Field Usage Waiver

PLEASE NOTE: The sports ground is levelled but may be uneven while the dirt settles based on its use and environmental factors. The cricket pitch in the field is covered with artificial turf and the transition from grass to artificial turf could be uneven and may not be uniform.


  • Men: Sportswear or casual clothing. Shorts up to the knees. Shirts covering shoulder up to the waist.
  • Women: Bottoms covering the legs till ankles; shirts covering shoulder to mid-thigh & sleeves up to elbow.
  • Shoes: Joggers / Sneakers; Soccer / Cricket shoes with rubber grips underneath. No metal spikes allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: Shoes with metal cleats not allowed to avoid damage to new grass till further notice.


  1. Cricket pitch in the middle must always be covered with artificial turf. Cricketers using the centre pitch may move the artificial turf to play their game and reset it back in its place after their game is completed.
  2. Goals or any other equipment needed for any game that the groups might use on the field needs to be removed after the game.
  3. No digging of holes or “installation” of any temporary posts or equipment is permitted on the field. Whoever modifies the field will be responsible for repair and setting it back to its original state immediately.
  4. Masjid administration will not be responsible to set things back in their places. It is the responsibility of the playing members/teams to put things back in their places after their play.
  5. Music cannot be played anywhere on the facility. Zero tolerance towards littering / loitering etc.
  6. No food and drinks except water / energy drinks will be allowed in the playing area. Any food brought to the field must be kept outside the playing area.
  7. Ensure all the trash/garbage is collected & removed after you finish and dumped in the collection drums just outside the field area.
  8. Lead /Sponsor/ Coach of the game/event (including kid’s games/events) is responsible to manage clean up after the game.
  9. Field should not be used soon after rains until the field is fully dry.

All community members are responsible to maintain this community field built for Soccer, Cricket, Volleyball, Walking/Jogging, Community Gathering, Barbeque and any sporting events.


  1. Full field lights will be turned on 10 mins prior to sunset / maghrib till Isha Iqama time during daylight saving time (Mar-Nov) from Thursday to Sunday.
  2. Full field lights will be turned on 10 mins prior to sunset / maghrib till 9:30PM during wintertime (Nov-Mar) from Thursday to Sunday.

Walkway lights will be turned on 10 mins prior to sunset / Maghrib till 9:30PM every day for walkers / joggers.


  1. Ground will be available from sunrise (Fajr) to sunset (Maghrib).
  2. Games after Sunset require prior permission and will be scheduled only on Friday and Saturday evening
  3. Games being played under lights must end at 9:30PM. Field lights will be switched off at 9:30PM and walkway lights will go off at 10:00PM.
  4. For scheduling your games, please contact one the following individuals:
    1. Soccer:  Br. Ameerullah
    2. Cricket: Br. Syed Mohiuddin
    3. All Others: The Masjid Administrator (Br. Nazir Shaikh)
Current Usage Calendar: