Masjid Operational Expenses Fundraiser

Last updated: March 29th, 2024

WHEN: Friday, March 29th | after Isha prayers

WHERE: Mens and sisters prayer halls & Online at

Masjid AlSalam is a large facility that serves a community of thousands, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It offers a clean and comfortable place to offer our prayers. It provides informative and beneficial religious, educational, and social programs for community members of all ages. It is a hub of our community for all events of significance in the Islamic calendar.

Running and maintaining a facility of this size, that is utilized by thousands of people each month, requires dedicated, full time staff to help manage and facilitate the numerous programs hosted within it.  It also incurs maintenance and upkeep expenses like any structure that is utilized by so many people on a daily basis.  We are currently NOT able to meet our recurring monthly expenses!

Allah SWT has promised to maintain HIS house but the honor to be the instrument of Allah’s will belongs to those that deserve it and yearn for it – would you like to be one of the sustainers of this house of Allah SWT?  Here is how YOU can help.

In-Person Fundraising: This will occur after Isha in the mens and sisters prayer halls.  Volunteers will be at hand to accept your donations or pledges for one-time or monthly recurring contributions.  We prefer monthly recurring donations since it allows us to have a steady and reliable source of revenue to use in our budget.

Online Fundraising: At any time of your choosing between now and the night of Friday, March 29th, please contribute online:

  1. Visit the link, and choose the Recurring donation option
  2. Select the campaign called Sustain Your Masjid (General Funds).
  3. Select the frequency as Recurring monthly.
  4. Enter a Payment Method – we recommend a Bank Account t(ACH withdrawal) to avoid fees and expiration date issues.
  5. Enter the monthly contribution amount. We recommend $100 for families.

Questions?  Please email [email protected].