Sisters Pre-Eid Thrift Market

Last updated: March 25th, 2024

WHEN: Thursday March 28th | 3 pm – 6 pm

WHERE: Masjid AlSalam Gym


CONTACT:  Sister Murriam Mubeen | [email protected]

What is this event?

A thrift market for sisters to sell, exchange, or gift gently used items.
Why now?
– It’s Ramadan, whatever we provide, give away, donate will purchase us multiple blessings in return!
– Champions community have multiple whatsapp group dedicated to Thrifty sales and Give aways, so youll not miss out. However, this is an opportunity to make quick in-person exchanges.
Who can join?
All Sisters. Children are welcome too.
What items qualify?
  • Used Clothes
  • Used Shoes
  • Used Toys
  • Used Books & Crafts
  • Used Children’s items
  • Used Household items
  • Eid/Ramadan related items (New/Used)
  • Packaged foods (not for eating during the event)
How do I participate as a Seller/gifter?
  • – Ensure all items are hygienically clean and labeled. Price them fairly if saleable.
  • – Reserve a table/ space.
  • – Pick up your table number at the reception.
  • – Be prepared to offer multiple payment options other than cash.
  • – Bring along a friend to help so you get a chance to shop too!
  • – All ungiven/unsold items must be removed from the facility.
How do I participate as a Buyer?
  • – Registration is not required.
  • – Bring along a cardboard box/ reusable bags to carry your items.
How do I participate as an Organizer?
  • – Spread the word and invite the sisters in your groups.
  • – Set up tables at 12noon on the day of the event.
  • – Registration table for sellers to pick up their numbers.
  • – Clean up and put tables away at 5pm.
This event is free of charge. We encourage you to drop in a donation if you enjoyed and benefitted from the program.
JazakAllahkhair wa salaam