Main Prayer Hall Partially Closed for Repairs

Last updated: February 7th, 2018

Assalamu Alaykum,

Please note that the main prayer hall  has suffered some damage from a water leak in the sisters bathroom and is  presently undergoing cleanup and repairs.

UPDATE (Jan 18th, 2018):

  • The source of the water leak was a faulty joint that has been repaired.
  • The affected sections of the carpet, its padding, and drywall have been torn out and removed from the main prayer hall, and any exposed areas have been treated with bleach.
  • Preparations are underway to repair the drywall  and replace the carpet in the affected areas

Prayers have resumed in the downstairs prayer halls but please note that due to the extent of the damage in the men’s section there may still be some smell in the air.  People that are susceptible to allergic reactions may consider praying outside the main prayer halls downstairs.

Here are the programs that we are aware of that will be affected:
  • Hifz classes that occur on the weekdays will be moved to the upstairs Sisters prayer hall