The New Masjid AlSalam App Ready to Download

As-Salaamu Alaykum,

The New Masjid AlSalam mobile app is ready to be downloaded.  Please take a moment to download either the Android or the IOS version using the links shown below.  After downloading the app, please take a few moments to review the various screens that are included, and then please share your feedback about things that may be improved.  We always have room to grow and that is only possible when you share your thoughts in the form of constructive criticism - use the Menu option called FEEDBACK.

Please uninstall any previous versions you may have on your mobile device.

Search the Google Play Store using the keyword "ISGH Masjid AlSalam", or click the image shown below from your Android device.

Search the Apple App Store using the keyword "ISGH Masjid AlSalam", or click the image shown below from your Apple device.

Why the New Version?

Four reasons:

  1. Provide current, up to date content:  Previous version did not display the latest information about events, programs, or other useful information.
  2. Ease of modification of content and features: Any change to the functionality or bug in the app required us to wait on an external company - response times were often longer than what we preferred.
  3. Cost: Previous version was leased from an external company and the masjid paid a monthly fee.  The new version does not have any costs.
  4. Standardization: The goal is for ISGH to make a similar app available to all of its centers, with some unified features to quickly deploy a new version for new centers.