Interfaith Iftaar Dinner

WHEN: Saturday, May 25th, 8:15 PM

WHERE: Multi-purpose Hall (Gym)

This is an Iftaar and dinner event the Masjid is hosting for our non-Muslim guests.  We would like to request the community to invite their non-Muslim friends and colleagues to attend this event.  The event will include Q&A about Islam as well as tours of the masjid.

Formal invitation cards can be picked up from the Masjid Administrators office.

Please note that this is not an open community Iftaar; rather it is limited to our non-Muslim guests and the Muslim community members that invited them.

For more information please email the Dawah Team or contact Br. Ahsan Haq at 832-545-6994 or Br. Rizwan Syed at 832-978-2928.