History of Masjid Al Aqsa – an educational seminar

WHEN: Sunday, Oct 29th | 2 PM – 7 PM CST

WHERE: Masjid AlSalam – main prayer hall

REGISTER: Event is free but please register here: isgh.org/MasjidAlAqsa

Given the gravity of the events happening in occupied Palestine/Gaza, ISGH is holding an educational weekend with whole day seminars.

The seminar whose details are provided above will be held at Masjid AlSalam, and another seminar entitled “The last 100 years – history of colonialism in the Muslim world” will be held on Saturday at Masjid As-Sabireen. You can register for that seminar from this link: isgh.org/last100years

Please make an effort to register and dedicate some time to learn about the historical background at the root of the recent events.