Believe It Workshop: Being Allah-Focused in Your College Path & Career Clarity

WHO: High schoolers & up

WHEN: Saturday, October 21 | 2:30 pm–5 pm

WHERE: Library



Join us for this insightful workshop with Emad Elsayed, MBA and Certified Career Coach on Saturday, October 21 (2:30 pm—5 pm) in the library, where you’ll explore how to stay Allah-focused in your college path and gain clarity in your career. As you enjoy pizza and refreshments, discover what motivates you and learn how to define academic and career goals that align with your aspirations. Embrace strategies to overcome obstacles hindering your progress and leave with a personalized mission statement that will guide your path. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a clear goal and a well-defined plan to achieve it, ensuring a more purposeful and fulfilling journey in your educational and professional life. This event is open to all high schoolers and up, and is free of cost.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your life’s direction and build a brighter future. We look forward to seeing you there, in sha Allah (God willing)!

Note: Be sure to download the Believe It app—a Muslim faith-based goal-setting application that will further assist you in setting and achieving your aspirations, available on iOS and Android. Remember to RSVP!


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