Meet Br. Hassan Masood – Youth Director

Masjid AlSalam would like to welcome Br. Hassan Masood as our new full time YOUTH DIRECTOR!

We are very glad to have him here and pray that Inshallah his time with us will result in immense good for our community and that we do our best to help him grow and prosper in his career.  Ameen!

Br. Hassan Masood had previously served as the Director of Programs and Development at the Islamic Center of Morrisville in North Carolina (2015-2018), High School & Special Programs Youth Coordinator (2013-2015) and Youth Coordinator at the Islamic Center of Raleigh (2009-2012).

He also served as the Ameer (Seminars & Programs Manager) for AlMaghreb Institute in Raleigh, NC (2012-2016).

Br. Hassan has a Bachelor of Science degreee in Business Administration.