Texas Deen Intensive 2020

WHEN: February 21 to 23

WHERE: Texas Union Ballroom (24th & Guadalupe St.) at the University of Texas at Austin

On behalf of the University of Texas at Austin MSA and Nueces Mosque, we invite you to attend our annual student-organized Deen Intensive conference. Deen Intensive is a weekend-long, educational, Islamic conference at UT with inspiring speakers, immense knowledge, and lively performances.

Established in 2006 by Texas MSA, Deen Intensive is growing each year and aims to not only include the greater Austin community, but also the entirety of the Texas Muslim population. Deen Intensive is a gathering that serves to educate individuals on different areas of Islam through rejuvenation and spiritual growth.

This year’s theme is “Be like us: The Way of the Sahabah”. This theme portrays why the Sahabah were considered the best generation, with many guaranteed Paradise, and gain insight into what motivated them to leave their habits and beliefs behind to worship Allah. Insh’Allah by the end of the conference we can all learn how to be like them by following The Way of the Sahabah!

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