Setting Priorities: Preparing for the Final Return w/ Dr. Hassan Akbar

WHO: Open to everyone

WHEN: Saturday, February 26 | 6:25 pm onwards (after maghrib)

WHERE: Main prayer hall | Live via

Continuing our theme Training Leaders (Everyone Is a Leader) for 2022, Masjid al Salam presents Setting Priorities: Preparing for the Final Return with Dr. Hassan Akbar

Join us this Saturday, February 26 in the main prayer hall after maghrib as Dr. Hassan Akbar helps us identify and sort our prioritiesperfecting our preparation for what is to come.

We look forward to seeing you, in shā Allāh (God willing)!

Dr. Hassan Akbar is a Certified Islamic Inheritance Distributor and a Youth Counselor/Mentor who attained his M.A. from Arees University, Malaysia followed by his PhD from the American Open University.

Please note: masks are MANDATORY inside the facility.