ISGH General Elections Voting

Last updated: December 14th, 2023


WHEN: Sunday, Dec 10th | 10 am – 4 pm

WHERE: ISGH Main Center @ 3110 Eastside St,, Houston, TX 77098

  • This will be the final day to vote for the ISGH General Elections for this year.
  • For those who have signed up for On-Line Voting may vote from anywhere in the same time frame for in-person voting.  For On-Line voting you will receive an email from Simply Voting on behalf of ISGH EC2023 with a PIN and will then receive a REMINDER before voting starts
  • Please refer to the ISGH Elections web page at for the list of candidates running for election.
    • Reminder that we had a Meet the Candidates event for Masjid AlSalam Associate Director on Dec 1st. You can watch the recording of that event on the masjid’s Facebook page HERE.
    • You can watch the candidates video statements and their vision statement using THIS LINK.