Impact of Divorce Workshop

WHO: Open to singles, couples, and parents of singles

WHEN: Saturday, October 7 | 1:45 pm – 6 pm

WHERE: Main prayer hall

COST: Free workshop with refreshments


  • Religious: Shaykh Dr Mamdouh Mahmoud
  • Emotional: Sr Fatima Sultan LPC-S
  • Legal: Br Fayaz Hatamleh, Attorney at Law—Family Law

REGISTRATION (required):

Divorce often has far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the individuals directly involved. Led by knowledgeable guides in the religious, emotional, and legal aspects of divorce, namely Shaykh Dr. Mamdouh Mahmoud, Sr Fatima Sultan (LPC-S), and Br Fayaz Hatamleh (Attorney at Law – Family Law), this free event aims to explore the multifaceted impact of divorce on individuals, families, and communities. Register now and secure your spot for this insightful session at

We look forward to seeing you, in sha Allah (God willing)!