Islamic Home Financing Seminar w/ Guidance Residential

WHO: Open to everyone

WHEN: Saturday, March 19 | 7:35 pm onwards (after maghrib)

WHERE: Main prayer hall | Live via and


In collaboration with Masjid al Salam and ISGH, Guidance Residential is honored to invite you to attend a seminar on Islamic home financingachieving the dream of homeownership without compromising your faith.

Join us in our purpose to serve the Muslim community by educating them and increasing their awareness about the risk of riba (interest). We encourage everyone to attend and benefit from this event on Saturday, March 19 at Masjid al Salam after maghribin sha Allah (God willing)!

Guidance Residential aims to differentiate itself from conventional banks and other subsidiaries that provide Islamic home financing by emphasizing taqwa (God-consciousness), education, and transparency.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].

Please note: masks are MANDATORY inside the facility.