Education Committee Year in Review

Last updated: December 30th, 2022

WHAT: Education Committee Year in Review

WHEN: Friday, December 30 | after ‘isha (7:30 PM) | dinner after the program

WHERE: Main Prayer Hall, Masjid al Salam


Assalaamu alaikum (peace be upon you),

Dear Council Members and fellow volunteers:

Jazak Allah khairan wa shukran (may Allah reward you [with] good and thank you) for your dedication to serving our community. May Allah bless you and your loved ones and fill your lives with love, happiness and good health. May He bless you, protect you and guide you all.

The Education Secretary br Reza Bacchus humbly invites you and your loved ones to attend the Education Committee Year in Review on Friday, December 30 after Isha (7:30 PM) in the Main Prayer Hall. Insha Allah, it will also include updates from the Weekend Islamic School, Houston Peace Academy and the Office of Youth Development. Insha Allah dinner will be served after the program.

We look forward to seeing you, in sha Allah (God willing)!