Lunar Eclipse Prayer at Masjid AlSalam

WHEN: Sunday, May 15th, after Isha prayer @ 9:45 PM, followed by a short khutbah.

A Lunar Eclipse will occur in Houston tonight and Shaikh Mamdouh will lead a congregational sunnah prayer after Isha, followed by a short khutbah about the significance of this sunnah.

If you are not able to attend the salat at the masjid, please refer to this short talk from Shaykh Mamdouh about the sunnah of doing this prayer, and some details about the event.

  • Partial Eclipse begins: 9:27 PM Sunday
  • The moon enters Totality: 10:29 PM
  • The moon exits Totality: 11:53 PM (That’s a 1 hour and 24 minute window to catch the moon in totality)
  • End of partial eclipse: 12:55 AM