Last Day of Early Voting for US Primary Elections is TODAY, March 1st, 2024

Today, Friday, March 1st, is the last day of EARLY VOTING for the US Primary Elections.  This is where we CHOOSE the Candidates that will appear on the ballot in the General Elections that will be held in November, 2024.  After today, the LAST opportunity to vote to select our candidates will be on Tuesday, March 5th.

Why should we bother voting in the Primary Elections instead of just voting in the General Elections in November?

There are candidates in these Primary Elections that have very specific positions on Gaza and a ceasefire in Gaza.

We cannot tell you who to vote for by name or party, but you can look up yourself the position of each candidate on Gaza and a ceasefire – PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH and then vote for what you believe in!

To find out all about polling locations and times, check out