Conflict Resolution Workshop: Communication Part 2

Last updated: October 27th, 2023

WHEN: Saturday, November 4th | 2 – 4 PM

FOR: Sisters only (12 years and up)

WHERE: Masjid AlSalam | Upstairs sisters’ musallah

ORGANIZERS: ISGH Sisters Committee & An Nisa


AsSalamu Alaykum  Dear Sisters and Daughters!!

Do you ever feel like you are in a conflict or disagreement with someone and it keeps going in circles or from bad to worse? Do you feel misunderstood and confused? Frustrated? Like your relationships are suffering?
Well, we have a session for you, designed to help you navigate through the confusion and achieve ‘Conflict Resolution’!!
Please join us for this very important sisters’ event with your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends and have the opportunity to ask questions in the privacy of our sisterhood!


ISGH Sister’s Committee and Champions’ Event Team


We look forward to seeing you, in sha Allah (God willing)!