WIS Ramadan Quran Competition 2023

Last updated: April 7th, 2023

Links to View the recording of this competition:

Downstairs hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAJCA4TQ9pQ

Upstairs hall: https://fb.watch/jM03BTromy/

WHEN: Saturday, April 1st, 2023 | 10 AM to 4 PM CST

WHERE: Main prayer hall at Masjid AlSalam

SPONSORED BY: Weekend Islamic School

QUESTIONS? Please email Br. Zabidi Yusoff at [email protected]

There are 11 categories for the competition as follows:

Category 1. AGE up to 4: 

11 Surah - #1(Al-Fatihah), #105(Al-Feel), 106(Quraish), 107(Al-Ma’oon),108(Al-Kauthar), 109(Al-Kafiroon), 110(An-Nasr), 111(Al-Masad), 112(Al-Ikhlas), 113(Al-Falaq) and 114(An-Naas)

Category 2. AGE 5 to 6: 

9 Surah - #97(Al-Qadr), 98(Al-Bayyinah), 99(Al-Zalzalah), 100(Al-Adiyat), 101(Al-Qari'ah), 108(Al-Kauthar), 111(Al-Masad), 112(Al-Ikhlas), and 114(An-Naas)

Category 3. AGE 7 to 8: 

9 Surah - #91(Ash-Shams), 92(Al-Layl), 93(Ad-Dhuha), 94(Al-Inshirah), 95(At-Teen), 95(Al-Alaq), 108(Al-Kawthar), 111(Al-Masad), 113(Al-Falaq)

Category 4. AGE 9 to 10: 

13 Surah - #86(At-Toriq), 87(Al-A’laa), 88(Al-Ghashiyah), 89(Al-Fajr), 90(Al-Balad), 91(Ash-Shams), 92(Al-Layl), 99(Al-Zalzalah), 100(Al-Adiyat),101(Al-Qariyah), 102(At-Takathur), 103(Al-Asr),111(Al-Masad)     

Category 5. AGE 11 to 13: 

10 Surah - #67(Al-Mulk), 68(Al-Qalam), 69(Al-Haaqqah), 87(Al-A'la), 88(Al-Ghashiyah), 91(Ash-Shams), 92(Al-Layl), 93(Ad-Dhuha), 94(Ash-Sharh), 96(Al-Alaq)

Category 6. AGE 14 to 18: 

6 Surah - #55(Ar-Rahman), 56(Al-Waaqi’ah), 53(An-Najm), 80(Abasa), 81(At-Takwir), 83(Inshiqaq)

Category 7. Adult: 

4 Surah - #67(Al-Mulk), #32(As-Sajdah), 36(Yaseen), 18(Al-Kahf)

Category 8. Huffaz Up to 18: 1 Juzu’: memorized minimum 1 Juzu’

Category 9. Huffaz Up to 18: 3 Juzu': memorized minimum 3 Juzu'

Category 10. Huffaz 19 and Up: 1 Juzu’: memorized minimum 1 Juzu’

Category 11. Huffaz 19 and Up: 3 Juzu': memorized minimum 3 Juzu'


  • Every Age Category is assigned numbers of Surah. On the day of the competition, the participant will be given 2 attempts of randomly picking off the Surah using a shuffle in a bowl to pick the Surah for the participant. If the 2 Surah picked for a participant, he/she passes it over, then the participant could pick whichever Surah within its Age Category assigned Surah. 3rd try is where a participant can choose any Surah she/he likes. There is a penalty of 5% of each Surah passed by the Participant for a maximum of 10% penalty.
  • For the Huffaz Category, a participant will let know what Juz he wants to be tested to a panel of 3 Judges on the competition day. Every Judge will pick a Verse/Ayah and recite it, and the participant has to finish reciting it until a Judge says stop, followed by another Judge until all 3 Judges will have their Verse/Ayah picked.
  • Judges will judge participants on Makhraj 20%, Tajweed 20%, Qiraat 20%, and Memorization 40%


Quran memorization will be judged by a panel of judges that consists of Shaikh Dilawar and students of Sheikh Ansar Farooqui and Sheikh Mamdouh: Hafiz Khuzaimah Ahmed, Hafiz Abdullah, Hafiz Saffe Alvi, Hafiz Rayan Hoque, and Hafiz Husien Pasha  There will be two shifts with three Judges per shift.


  • 1st Place $50 -  2nd Place $30 - 3rd Place $20
  • Every participant will receive an eid token of $5
  • All Prizes and tokens will be in the form of e-token. Certificates will be in the form of an e-certificate.
  • Winners will be announced the next day via WhatsApp Group, and Masjid Salam website and emails.