Ramadan Information

Last updated: April 28th, 2023


Friday, March 24th:

  • We had received complaints that the temperature was uncomfortably hot in some of the rooms upstairs utilized by sisters.  We apologize on behalf of the masjid administration and can assure sisters that repair technicians have been contacted to review and correct the issue before today's Jummah prayers, InshaAllah.

Tuesday, March 21st:

  • Houston Moon sighting Committee has declared that tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22nd, will be the first Taraweh Insha ALLAH.  First day of Ramadan will be on Thursday, March 23rd. Ramadan Mubarak!

Assalamu Alaykum.

ISGH has released the Ramadan 2023 timings for Sahur, Iftaar, and adhan times as shown in THIS LINK.

Here is some useful information that has been compiled about the various Ramadan related programs and activities taking place at Masjid AlSalam this year, along with some rules and guidelines to review and follow.