Sakinah Sisters: Iftar Potluck

Last updated: April 3rd, 2022

WHEN: Sunday, April 3 | 7:30 pm onwards

WHERE: Masjid al Salam

WHO: Sisters, high school & up


The blessed month of Ramadan is finally here, alhamdulillah (praise be to God)! We thank Allah for allowing us to reach it, and ask Him to aid us in reaping its benefits. 

Let’s kickstart this month by gathering for the sake of Allah and breaking our fast together, in sha Allah (God willing). We encourage you to bring a store-bought item for this Iftar Potluck on Saturday, April 3 (7 pm onwards) in the youth lounge.

We look forward to seeing you there, in sha Allah (God willing)!

Note: It is mandatory for every attendee to RSVP via!

Reach out to [email protected] for any inquiries.

Sakinah Sisters is a discussion-based event series for and by high school and above sisters. Every episode is centered around a different theme—each tailored to achieve objectives such as getting to know one another, uplifting one another, exploring conversations surrounding mental health, establishing and maintaining a safe space, working on service projects together, and more!

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