Meet Your 2024 Masjid AlSalam Team

Last updated: February 2nd, 2024

Assalamu Alaikum

Managing a large masjid such as ours requires a dedicated group of people that can equitably represent the community that our masjid serves. These people comprise the Elected Council of our masjid as well as the numerous Committee Members that are appointed to manage key aspects of the masjid’s administration. To learn about the structure of the Council and the rules that govern it please refer to the ISGH Constitution and Bylaws. A link to the ISGH Constitution and Bylaws and an organizational chart of the Masjid AlSalam team can be viewed by visiting the Masjid Council page on our website.

We would like to introduce our community to the Masjid AlSalam team of Elected and Appointed officials for 2024. The list of the council members as well as the various committee chairs and holders of other key offices can be seen by visiting the Masjid Directory page on our website. This page displays the photographs and contact email of the people that together comprise the governing body responsible for Masjid AlSalam. Please get to know these individuals and feel free to reach out to the appropriate person if you have any feedback or advice or complaint to help the team better serve our community.

Jazak Allah Khairun.

Your Masjid AlSalam Team for 2024