ISGH Elections 2021 – General Voting Day

WHEN: Sunday, Dec 12th, 10 AM – 5 PM

WHERE: ISGH Main Center at 3110 Eastside Street

  • ISGH has issued the following rules in order to vote:
    • BRING: Photo ID (acceptable: DL, DPS ID, Passport, School ID).
    • MASK is a MUST, Please. Also, hand sanitizers will be available for use after touching the iPads used at voting kiosks.
    • It is requested that, social distancing rules be followed, if possible. Any safety violation will be dealt with very seriously and sternly.
    • If you come to vote and your name is not found in the Membership List provided to EC by ISGH, we have an area set aside where ISGH Staff and EC will jointly work to resolve the issue. You MUST then be able to prove to the satisfaction of first ISGH then EC that omission of your name is a mistake on part of ISGH. Once resolved, you will be able to vote. Hence we suggest you check your status through ISGH Membership Status Check portal and bring along necessary papers (receipts, bank statements, etc) to prove your point.
    • Also, please note, there is no more on-line voting. It finished with Early Voting as per ISGH Bylaws. Anyone whoever did not vote on-line and could have voted on-line now MUST come to the Main Center.
  • For the latest information about the 2021 ISGH elections, please refer to the ISGH Elections website