We All Benefit When We Respond to the 2020 Census

Assalamu Alaykum

Please take a moment to complete the 2020 Census letter that you should have received in the mail by now, OR use the online link below to access the census.  Participating in the census results in tangible benefits for the city and the communities we call home.  Quoting from the census website:

The results of the 2020 Census will help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next decade. That funding shapes many different aspects of every community, no matter the size, no matter the location.”  Read more about its impact and benefits here…

You can either complete the letter you received in the mail or use this ONLINE LINK to complete the census: 2020census.gov

A note about the Race question: Census 2020 asks the participants to specify their race.  If you are from the Indo-Pak subcontinent, or the Middle East, or Far East, please refer to the link shown below to properly identify it:  Race Questions in the Census

In a nut shell, if you are from India or Pakistan or one of the Far East countries, choose Other Asian and then type in the country of origin.  If you are from the Middle East, choose White and then type in the country of origin.