Youth-2-Youth Academic Mentoring

A right of a Muslim upon a Muslim; if one seeks advice and counsel, give them sincere advice.”

IntroducingYouth Youth Academic Mentorship program for high schoolers, recent graduates, freshmen, and sophomores!

  • Learn about the specific majors; from requirements to experience.
  • Learn about pathways, e.g. inter-college transfer programs.
  • Learn about the post-graduate job hunting & work experience.

Available Mentors: 

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber-Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Public Health (Pending)
  • Psychology 
  • Software Development

Dear Prospective Mentor: Please contact Br Yaaseen at [email protected] to join the team!

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JazakumAllaahu Khayran!
Shayr the Khayr!
Office of the Youth Director ([email protected])