Share Your Eid-ul-Adha Meat

Assalamu Alaykum

A freezer chest has been placed at the entrance of the men’s prayer hall to facilitate the collection of Eid-ul-adha meat for distribution to families that would benefit from it.  If you have meat portions to share, please bring it to the masjid and drop it in the freezer between 2 PM and the iqamah time for Isha prayers – generally 9:50 PM these days.

  • Please make sure each package is properly wrapped in ziplocked bags of no more than 5 pounds each – no leaky packages please!
  • Please handle and transport the meat safely in a portable cooler.
  • Please mark the package to identify the portion of meat contained within it – this will make it easier for people to choose what they want from what is available.

The Masjid AlSalam’s Zakah Committee will inform any families that they assist when enough meat has been deposited into the freezer.  The notified families can pick up the meat any day from the freezer between 2 PM and Isha prayers.

Please note that Masjid AlSalam is simply facilitating this donation of qurbani meat – the administration is not actively inspecting or monitoring the meat that is placed in the freezer.  It is expected that both donors and recipients will take the necessary precautions to keep the meat clean and free from any contamination.

Jazak Allah Khair.