Ramadan Kareem

Last updated: August 11th, 2019

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Community Members

Ramadan Kareem! In this blessed month, lets make dua that Allah (SWT) guide us towards righteousness and increase us in kindness, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, and humility, and accept our efforts to earn His pleasure.  Ameen!

Masjid AlSalam aims to provide our Ramadan guests with a spiritually uplifting and memorable experience that fosters pious habits and a loving attachment to the house of Allah (SWT).  Please help us in fulfilling our mission by cooperating with us in patience, and by forgiving our shortcomings when they occur.  Jazak Allah Khairun.

Please make a note of the following important announcements:

Ramadan Announcement from ISGH:

  • First day of Ramadan will be on Monday, May 6th
  • First Taraweh prayer will be on Sunday, May 5th
  • Official message from ISGH announcing the beginning of Ramadan (1440 AH, 2019 CE) can be found on THIS LINK 

Printable Ramadan Schedule:

  • Suhoor, Iftaar, and other prayer times as posted by ISGH can be found on THIS LINK

Ramadan at Masjid AlSalam:

  • Iqamah times for prayers at Masjid AlSalam can be found on THIS LINK.  Note that Maghreb is ALWAYS Sunset + 10 Minutes during Ramadan.
  • Planned Taraweh Schedule at Masjid AlSalam can be found on THIS LINK
  • Free Babysitting is provided during the first 8 Rikah
  • Please follow Parking Instructions from parking attendants and security staff
  • Please follow instructions from Security Officers & Volunteers.  Security efforts have been increased this year and comprise of Harris County Police officers, armed Security Guards, and Monitored Security Cameras throughout the premises, from Maghreb till after Taraweh
  • Community Iftaars will be held on Weekends Only (Fri-Sun) during the first 3 weeks in Ramadan. During the last week (week of May 27th), Iftaar will be held all week.